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Georgetown Sidewalks and Facilities

City of Georgetown Citizen Surveys 1999-2012

The links below will take you to surveys conducted by the City of Georgetown. Beginning in 1998, the City of Georgetown began conducting¬†biennial citizen and employee surveys. The results of these surveys are used to get valuable input into the needs, operations and priorities of the city. The City Council and staff use the results to measure the quality of city services and as input into the city’s planning and budgeting processes. Many of these survey highlight the general support for pedestrian mobility, nearly all suggest Transportation as a City service with highest priority.

Summary of Georgetown Citizens Survey (1999-2012)

1999-Citizens Survey

2001-Citizen Survey

2004-Citizen Survey

2006-Citizen Survey

2008-Citizen Survey

2010-Citizen Survey

2012-Citizen Survey

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