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Government Participation Plan

GISD Work SessionThe purpose of the Government Participation Plan is to establish coordination goals and implementation strategies for raising intergovernmental awareness and participation in the Sidewalk Master Plan development process. This will be achieved through the following:

  • Formalizing the government agency coordination process;
  • Describing overarching roles, responsibilities, and strategies for agency involvement;
  • Facilitating and documenting the process by which the HDR Team will interact with government agencies;
  • Promoting an efficient and streamlined process and good project management through coordination, scheduling, and early resolution of issues; and
  • Establishing the anticipated schedule for coordination activities.

Guiding principles for the Government Participation Plan include the following:

  • Transparent and honest interaction with agencies;
  • Listen to and value the input of agencies;
  • Engage in meaningful, constructive and open dialogue with agencies;
  • Collaborate with agencies; and
  • No preconceived notions about the ultimate outcome of the process.


Goals and Strategies

The goal of the Government Participation Plan is to facilitate project implementation by formalizing agency involvement. The Government Participation Plan consists of the following strategies and corresponding action items:

Strategy #1 Engage government agencies through meetings and workshops that foster interactive, two-way communication.

Action Item

Meet with key staff members of related agencies to discuss related Sidewalk Master Plan elements, review related department planning documents and create a relationship matrix.


Allows local jurisdictions to have early involvement in planning process and promotes multi-jurisdictional ownership.



Strategy #2 Document, thoroughly analyze and promptly provide feedback regarding comments or concepts suggested during development of the Sidewalk Master Plan.

Action Item #1

Document agency coordination meetings on a meeting summary form.


Provides a record of agency coordination meetings and the feedback received.


On-going Document correspondence, phone calls and notes from in-person discussions.

Complete Finalize Meeting Summary Form and make it available to Project Team.

Action Item #2

Document written comments related to the project, including those submitted via mail, fax, online comment form or email.


Provides a record of written comments and ensures a proper response to those comments.


Complete Develop a project comment log.

On-going Written comments received will be forwarded to the HDR Team.

On-going The HDR Team will include comments in the project comment log to document feedback.


Communication Plan and Protocols

The City of Georgetown Transportation Services Director will be the primary point of contact for media, elected officials, City Staff, and agency requests. All requests will be directed to the Transportation Services Director through the Citys Project Manager.

The Citys Project Manager will share comments with the HDR Team, as appropriate, within five (5) business days of receiving the comments.

The HDR Team may coordinate directly with City Staff and/or other government agencies during development of the Sidewalk Master Plan. The HDR Team will share comments with the City, as appropriate, within five (5) business days of receiving the comments.

Government Participation Tasks and Responsibilities

The following matrix highlights outreach and informational tasks identified in this Government Participation Plan and indicates the group responsible for the task. If listed as “lead on a task, that member of the Team is responsible for implementing the task, and utilizing the member marked “support to assist in coordination and participation as necessary. Assignees marked “lead are held responsible for implementing their tasks. Outreach materials and strategies will be reviewed and approved by the City.


Government Coordination Task City of Georgetown HDR/Altura
Government Participation Plan Support Lead (HDR/Altura)
Local Agency Contact List Support Lead (HDR/Altura)
Project Comment Log Support Lead (HDR/Altura)
Communication with City Staff Support Lead (HDR/Altura)
Elected Official & Community Leader Briefings Lead Support (HDR/Altura)
Government Meetings Support Lead(HDR/Altura)
   Meeting Scheduling Lead Support (HDR/Altura)
   Meeting Agendas Support Lead (HDR/Altura)
   Meeting Minutes Support Lead (HDR/Altura)
   Meeting Exhibits Support Lead (HDR/Altura)


Government Involvement Schedule*

  Government Coordination Task Start End Scheduled
4.1 Government Participation Plan 1-May-14 31-May-14 Complete
4.3 Government Meetings 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Ongoing
4.3.1 City of Georgetown City Staff 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Various Dates City of Georgetown GIS 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Complete City of Georgetown Parks 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Complete City of Georgetown Facilities 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 City of Georgetown Downtown Interests (City Managers Office) 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Complete
4.3.2 Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board (GTAB) Members 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Complete
4.3.3 Georgetown Independent School District Staff 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Complete
4.3.4 Georgetown Housing Coordinator 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Complete
4.3.5 Georgetown Long Range Planning Department 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Complete
4.3.6 Texas Department of Transportation 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Complete
4.3.7 Williamson County 1-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 Complete
6.1 Initial Workshop with GTAB 31-Oct-14 31-Oct-14  Complete
8.0 City Facilities Survey 10-Jul-14 3-Sep-14  Ongoing
10.1 Public Meetings and Hearings 1-May-14 31-Dec-14  Ongoing
10.1.1    City ADA Task Force Meeting No. 1 04-Aug-14 08-Aug-14
10.1.2    City ADA Task Force Meeting No. 2 8-Sep-14 12-Sep-14

*Dates are preliminary and subject to change


Project Team Contact Information:

 Project Team Contact Information (14JUL2014)


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